Packaging Design

The packaging is designed to have biodegradable components. The body is made of a bioplastic that can withstand the acids of the product inside. Clinical products don't usually respond to the market of sustainability due to their authority in efficacy, however, my product will introduce new methods of sustainability for clinical brands to cater to the consumer who desire both efficacy and sustainability.  

Primary Packaging

cleanser swatch.jpg

Gel-based products are known to sink deeper into the skin. Having a cleanser that delivers a deep clean is a key factor for our collection


Why This Product?

The Steric+ Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser

The Steric Acid Cleanser provides a deep clean to eliminate signs of excess dirt and oil. It gently, chemically exfoliates your skin leaving it refreshed and clear. The main ingredient is a surfectant known for its cleansing and skin protecting abilities as it helps your skin build up a barrier.

toner swatch.png

Toners act as the prep step for our skin, bringing it back to neutral after removing the dirt, oils, and dead skin. Our repair toner acts as a boost and barrier of moisture that is needed to maintain deep skin tones.

Why This Product?

The Glycerin+ Super Repair Toner

The Glycerin+ Super Toner balances and adds an layer of moisture to repair skin and eliminates dryness. As it sinks into your pores, the added Silica jump starts the production of collagen and reduces inflammation.


The Complex Serum Series

The Complex Serum Series represents a series of concentrated formulations that are designed to tackle dark marks, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. They leave the skin feeling fresh and rejuvinated with supporting ingredients that moisturize and seep deep to provide ultimate results.

Who doesn’t love to treat their skin? Serums 

are known as the added benefits or boosters in skincare. It was important to create a collection of serums that our consumers can mix and match to meet their skin needs. 

Why This Product?


The Hyaluronic Derma Smoothing Moisturizer

The Hyaluronic Derma-Smoothing Moisturizer is formulated to heal the skin while adding a thicker layer of moisture to trap water. The main ingredient acts as a booster to prevent fine lines, promote supple skin, and reduce 

signs of scarring.

Optimizing skin’s moisture is at the center of our assortment. Incorporating a high-performance moisturizer was important to our brand and consumers.

Why This Product?


Extra Strength SPF 40

The Extra Strength SPF 40 sunblock helps to block harmful UV Rays from penetrating the skin. This product works to reverse signs of existing hyperpigmentation and skin inflammation while leaving skin smooth with no white cast. This product will be apart of a collection of targeting sunblocks that cater to the needs of sensitive skin, dark spots, and even vitiligo.

Spf is the greatest defense against the harmful rays of the sun. Incorporating sunblock into our collection was an important element to maintain deep 

skin tones.

Why This Product?