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including the exclude

The mission of the 3% Clubrx is to educate, support, and 

contribute to the space of dark complexions in the 

field of clinical skincare. 

We believe that skin is unique at a molecular level and 

that no two surfaces are the same, like a thumbprint! 



lack of representation

Melanin is known to be one of the earliest and most 

complex forms of cell development, but very little research

surrounds the complexity of these cells. Based on this we

recognize that dark complexions hold a molecular 


This lack is also witnessed in the clinical arena.

Currently, African Americans make up about 3% of 

the dermatological field. We understand that this has

resulted in a lack of research, accurate diagnosis, and 

targeting formulations for deeper skin tones. 

Partnering with leading African American dermatologist, 

the 3% Club will bring dark complexion into the conversation 

of efficacious skincare. 


Brand Concept

Based in science and education, we believe in providing 

our community with insightful knowledge about our skin.

Melanin is known to be one of the earliest and most complex

forms of cell development that are found in every living thing. 

Besides its ability to protect the skin from harmful sun rays,

very little research surrounds the complexity of these cells

We recognize that being of a darker complexion holds a molecular

uniqueness that only our concentrated formulas are tasked to 


Skin investigation goes deeper than your skin type.

Tone plays a big part in how our skin finds its 

balance. Prolonged sun exposure, heat, and even 

scratches can have damaging affects to unprotected,

dark complexions. This is the first in leading research for 

complexion based skin care. The 3% club is the clinical 

solution for deep complexions. Discover the skin unknown 

to clinical research with our powerful products. Treat your 

skin to the correct balance of ingredients to reveal bright 

and even skin.